ELUTYX™ Technology

Sustained-Release Drug Therapy

Our proprietary ELUTYX technology is a biocompatible and bioresorbable hydrogel matrix that encapsulates a drug to provide sustained and localized delivery.1-4 The goals of localized drug delivery are to facilitate targeted delivery of a drug and minimize systemic exposure. 2,5

ELUTYX is highly biocompatible and preservative free.1,6 This hydrogel network is a meshwork that entraps the drug particles.1,6 When administered, the hydrogel matrix hydrates with water, then the drug particles begin to dissolve, diffusing the drug outward from the hydrogel into the surrounding local tissues.1,6 Following the completion of drug delivery, the hydrogel biodegrades and is cleared from the body.1,6,7

The company’s novel technology can be formulated to provide sustained-release from days to months depending on the treatment required.3,4,6,7 The versatile hydrogel platform can be used to deliver both small molecules and large proteins at both small and large molecular weights. 1,6-8

Key Attributes of the ELUTYX Technology

ELUTYX technology is a clinically proven, bioresorbable, programmable hydrogel matrix that encapsulates drug to provide sustained and localized delivery.

Clinically Proven

Established hydrogel platform6,7

Bioresorbable, Biocompatible

90% water, low potential for inflammation9 
Fully absorbs when drug is delivered10
No antimicrobial preservatives and nontoxic degradation byproducts10,11

Programmable Sustained Release

Near zero order kinetics or tapered drug delivery1,13
Durable: Targeted release in days, weeks, or months1


Customizable to deliver small molecules, peptides, large proteins or biologics1,14
Usable in multiple location within the eye10,15,16
Pre-formed or in situ forming delivery1


Delivered as monolithic implant10
Remains visible9

Applications of the ELUTYX Technology


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