ReSure® Sealant

The ReSure Sealant is a first of its kind product approved for sealing clear corneal incisions following cataract surgery. The ReSure Sealant is prepared and applied in approximately 20 seconds and gels in-situ, protecting incisions in the immediate post-operative period when wounds are most vulnerable. The hydrogel gradually sloughs off in the tears during reepithelialization, so there is no need for removal.

ReSure Sealant is indicated for intraoperative management of clear corneal incisions (up to 3.5mm) with a demonstrated wound leak for which a temporary dry surface can be achieved, in order to prevent postoperative fluid egress from such incisions following cataract surgery with intraocular lens (IOL) placement in adults.

Dr. Terry Kim showing the application of ReSure Sealant following a complex cataract surgery

Primary clear corneal incision site remained despite stromal hydration

ReSure Sealant selectively adheres to the de-epithelialized tissue and seals the wound

OCT images of the cornea courtesy of Deepinder Dhaliwal, M.D., University of Pittsburgh Medical Center